How to Make Your Vacation Rental Ready for Remote Workers

With many companies offering their employees the option to work remotely, people are rethinking where they work. Here’s how to attract remote workers.

How to Make Your Vacation Rental Ready for Remote Workers June 28, 2021Leave a comment

As people started working remotely at home, they realized they could be working from anywhere – a beachside villa in Goa or a secluded cabin in the hills of Munnar. 

With many companies extending the option to work remotely, Workation (Work + Vacation) has become a trend among today’s travellers. 

Many people spend most of their time stuck in tiny apartments, they are ready for a change in scenery. As individuals and even teams move around, setting up an off-site destination to temporarily relocate, vacation rental bookings are surging.

Property owners must be equipped to accommodate remote workers as they could be one of the types of guests.

The Workspace 

Those working from home need a dedicated workspace. Guest will spend a lot of time working from your property and a workstation is a key amenity they look for while booking a place. In order to provide them with this feature, you’ll need to offer them laptop friendly desk with charging points and a comfortable chair.

Consider setting an alternate workspace – in your living room or outdoors – can be a change in scenery. Maybe have a workstation where the guest can stand and work. Having an alternate workspace can allow multiple people to work at the same time. 

High-Speed Internet

Along with the workspace, it important to ensure that you have fast and reliable internet access that allows guests to stay connected. Make sure your internet connection can accommodate multiple users without becoming slow and strong enough to support video calls and meetings. Be sure to highlight this feature and show potential guests that your space is work-friendly by posting your Wi-fi speed online. Also, make sure your Wi-Fi reaches every area of your property.

Other Features

  • Kitchen: By offering a fully equipped kitchen, guests can cook their own meals which could persuade them to extend their stay. 
  • Washer: Providing the guest to do their own laundry can encourage them to stay longer.
  • Outdoor space: If your property has an outdoor space, spruce up that area so that guests can spend some time outdoors. 
  • Office supplies: Simple items like pens, notepads often come in handy while having a large monitor, whiteboard or access to a printer can set your place apart. 
  • Good lighting: Along with natural light, your home should have adequate lighting to brighten up the place.
  • Alternate workspace: The living room, the dining table or outdoor space can be an alternative workspace for multiple people to work at once. 

Attract WFH guests to book your place

Once you have made your space ready for remote workers, it’s important to update your website, social media and other distribution channels so that potential guests know your work-friendly.

  • Update your website to showcase your new amenities and photos. You could also have a landing page specifically for remote workers.
  • Length of Stay discounts. Remote workers tend to stay longer than leisure travellers. Offering a long stay discount could be the promotion they need to book your place. 
  • Update the new features on OTAs like Airbnb,, etc. 
  • List your place on niche sites targeting WFH like Workations.

Key Takeaways

  • A work-friendly vacation rental needs to have the basics: workstation, comfortable chair, high-speed internet, etc.
  • Go the extra mile by offering a kitchen, outdoor space, washer. 
  • Having multiple places to work can allow multiple people to work at the same time. 
  • Update your website and other distribution channels.

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