Four Ways to Improve Your Visibility on

Ranking strategies to improve your listing on

Four Ways to Improve Your Visibility on July 2, 2021Leave a comment

Where your property shows in search results depends on your own performance, your competitors’ performance, and the changing demand in your market.

Understanding your performance on 

The Ranking Dashboard located on the Extranet tracks your property’s performance at each stage of the guest’s search. The tool updates regularly and shows

  • Your search results views: The number of times guests see your property in search results.
  • Your property views: The number of times guests view your property page.
  • Your bookings: The number of times guests book your property.
  • Your popularity: The number of times your property shows up in search results compared to the total number of properties in your city.

Here are a few factors to improve your ranking:

Optimize your listing

The simplest way to attain a better ranking is by improving your listing content. In order to market your property, you need to make sure your listing has high-quality photos, a complete description of the property, and an accurate list of features and amenities. 

Professional Photos. It’s extremely important to have high-quality photos displayed on your listings and focus on your best features. Include as many photos as possible, of all your rooms, outdoor and surrounding area, amenities, and anything you want to showcase. It is important to tag your photos and place them in different categories.

Availability. As much as possible, keep the calendar open with updated rates well into the future. 

Qualify for exclusive programs

Preferred partner is an exclusive program that gives greater visibility. Properties must meet a set of criteria to join and are offered to the top 30% of the properties in your area. According to, preferred partners get 65% more page views and 40% more bookings.

Genius Program is a loyalty program for travellers which entitles them to travel rewards and discounts.

Leverage Promotions offers two types of promotions:

Visibility booster offers a way to boost your visibility on the search. You can push your listing to a higher rank on the dates of your choosing in return for a higher commission to

Promotions are special offers to attract more guests and drive bookings. Make sure to activate Travel Offer which offers benefits – on-platform advertising through promotional banners and marketing emails.

Listing performance on considers the performance of your listing on

Conversion rate is an important metric on how well the property performs and as a result, prioritizes properties with higher conversion rates. 

Average daily rate (ADR):  Your average room income per paid occupied room in a given period. The dashboard compares this with the average for your market.

Cancellation rate:  The percentage of booked rooms that were canceled in the previous 90 days. The dashboard compares this with the average for your market.

Property page score:  Indicates how attractive and useful your property content is to potential guests (photos, descriptions, facilities, room details, breakfast info, etc.).

Price quality score: This shows how your prices on compare with your lowest prices on other channels (if applicable).

Review score: This shows what previous guests thought about your property.

By improving your listing performance on, your property ranks higher on search which in turn results in more bookings.

All these tips and suggestions will help you to boost your bookings on By investing time to leverage the site’s data-driven insights and ensure your listings are optimized, you can improve conversions.

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